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We are an Assemblies of God church, located in Chicago, Illinois, in the Gage Park community since February 2, 1986. Maranatha Assembly of God is a Pentecostal Christian church, our congregation is multicultural, full of love! to God and neighbor, services are in Spanish and English, we are here to serve God and the community by practicing what the word of God teaches: "go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature..." Marcos 16:15-16, the bible is our rule of faith and conduct, we believe in God the father, son and holy spirit, there is no salvation only in Jesus Christ he is the only way to heaven (John 14:6 / Acts 4: 11 -12) Repent and convert, the kingdom of heaven has come near, Maranatha... Christ is coming!

To know God and to make him know, that is our mission and vision. We also promote the healthy doctrine, the apostle doctrine given to them by Jesus Christ. Acts 2:42 our mission is also to be disciples, not just believers and teach others the same. Matthew 28:19

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Pastores Lionel y Mabel Lozano

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Donnetta Carmichael

Líder de la juventud.

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Luis Salguero

sound/media leader

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Maria Watson

Líder de eventos especiales.

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Ashley Salguero

Líder de adoración.

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